Industries Are In A Changing Cycle And Every Day Is A Mission

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Industries are in a changing cycle and every day is a mission to survive in the business world. Historically, the innovation at Microsoft was driven by one person (Bill Gates) without any consideration of the other employee 's ideas. The whole company relied on one person to generate ideas to develop products and services. Then the Innovation Team at Microsoft realized the current situation of the competitors ' evolution and the need for the grassroots innovation implementation as a new horizon to gain ideas within the firm. Of course, Microsoft wants to preserve its position as a pioneer in the technology market, that’s why it shows more attempts to keep pace with changes. Definitely, Microsoft has found a replacement for …show more content…

The employee 's fear if their idea has been ranked as invalid, and inferior idea and the pressure that the people with ideal ideas will survive. Very high level of competition among employees has a negative impact on productivity and performance. As a result, stressful and confused employees who are not able to be creative and generous to share their ideas. The Microsoft’s culture that was structured on the concept of employees have to work hard to go up and make a progress or go out from the company doesn’t show any loyalty and consideration to the employee’s contributions. Microsoft 's environment is full of pressure, fears, stress, strict rules and brutal competitions which may lead to turn over and push the employees to find a healthier environment; especially with the trend in the competitors as Google which emphasizing on the employee 's happiness to receive better performance and provide a healthier environment for creativity and innovations. With the new mindsets such as “Employee Coms First’’, “Happy Workplace’’, and ‘’Healthy Environment’’ Microsoft has faced a challenge with its culture.
• Closed-door policy:
Another concept of Microsoft culture is closed-door policy. In another word, Microsoft relies on small offices with a closed-door to provide more concentration and quietness for the employees to work in a peaceful environment. This is could be a barrier

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