Inequality Between Men And Women

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Inequalities between men and women are produced and reproduced in the family, the community, the market and the state. What is the role of mainstream social and economic institutions in tackling injustice and discrimination in society?
Gender inequalities means the unequal treatment or perception of individual based on their gender (Wikipedia, 2010). It mainly comes up from the different gender based designed roles in a society. Gender inequality stems from distinction wether empirically grounded or socially constructed.
The gender inequality often emerges within the family when men and women don’t have balance powers. (UN, 1995), discriminatory attitudes and practises exist in family. The unequal division of labour within the household and less power limits the capacity of women in the process of decision making in public arena. Equal share of power and responsibilities of household work provides better quality life to women, which enhances the opportunity of shaping and designing the public policy. The division of household labour is continuously getting attention as it causes gender and social inequalities. Due to unavoidable needs contributing to the well-being of our society, unpaid work leads to personal disadvantages such as fewer employment opportunities, insufficient social security coverage, fewer educational opportunities and career advancement, as well as a higher risk of poverty (Dominelli, 2009) which ultimately affect the women who mostly do the unpaid work

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