Infancy : Development Of A Genius

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Infancy: Development of a Genius Picture a baby, most will see an innocent and naïve miniature human, but it that really all there is to such creatures? Of course not, infants are geniuses from birth. Infants come into the world equipped with everything they need to survive, not on their own but with the help of their parents. Babies development in the areas of physical, cognitive, and psychosocial as well. I was fortunate enough to witness my daughter’s development as an infant, giving me firsthand knowledge. When it comes to the physical aspect of human development, infancy is the time of the greatest growth. At birth, babies come into the world with life sustaining characteristics. Some of these characteristics are called reflexes, …show more content…

By the end of the sensorimotor stage, infants have developed a sense of object permanency, which is knowing that an object exists even if it cannot be seen (Ciccarelli & White, 2015, p.295). My daughter walked at ten months of age and was also able to do simple shape puzzles at that age as well, but many children develop at different rates. I have a nephew born a few weeks after my daughter and I noticed it took hum more time to reach his milestones. Many parents wonder what their little baby will be like when they grow up, but what if they could tell from how their baby acts? There are three temperaments common in infants that can sometimes tell what an infant can turn out to be like throughout life. Research done by Chess and Thomas has discovered the three temperaments as: easy, difficult, and slow to warm up. Sometimes babies can display more than one of these temperaments but likely easy babies tend to be more well-adjusted, difficult babies tend to be more irritable, and slow to warm up babies can adjust to slow transitions (Ciccarelli & White, 2015, p.300). My daughter was a very easy baby that didn’t demand much or have issues sleeping and she adjusts well now as a toddler. She began sleeping through the night at just a few weeks old, she was never a picky eater, and she entertained herself very well. Infants are also facing other psychosocial factors. Erikson’s psychosocial stages of development explains what changes have an

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