Influence Of Globalization On Etl ( English Teaching Language )

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Influence of Globalization on ETL (English Teaching Language) Introduction Defining globalization is a diverse and contested issue, for instance some define it as the worldwide social relations that are intensified and link distant localities in such a way that things that occur locally are shaped by events that are occurring miles away and vice versa. Another definition is that it is a process of expansion and internationalization of interactive structures, networks and discourse (Seidlhofer, 2012). Despite all this differences in the definitions, they are consistent with each other in that globalization can create a word without boundaries in which people from different parts of the world can communicate, interact and share resources effectively with one another. This is made possible via modern information technologies, transportation and communication. English has been supported and promoted globally specifically for economic and political reasons and thus this argument forms the English linguistic imperialism. Imperialism is a type of relationship where by one society can dominate another society. It is evident by dominating the other society that it also comes with its language. As with English in the American and European imperialism thus globalization today has been spread by many languages but English is the most dominant. English today is vast and many people are conversant with it since it has its advantages and benefits a lot the individuals. This has led to

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