Influence on Behavior and Psychological Disorders Essay

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Influences on Behavior and Psychological Disorders Presentation
Jocelyn F. Oatman & Sofia Moran
University of Phoenix
Introduction to Psychology
PSY 103
Michelle McCoy-Williams
October 29, 2008

Influences on Behavior and Psychological Disorders Presentation The previous evaluation on the pathophysiology of anxiety constantly records the requirement for more examination on biological characteristics of childhood social phobia, separation anxiety disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. The recent evaluation encapsulates biological examination that is appropriate to these three disorders. In the earliest component of the analysis, difficulties that
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These conclusions indicate that a genetic aspect, probably triggered in combination with life experiences, predisposes some individuals to these disorders. Since signs of anxiety disorders are often reduced by drugs that maintain quantities of chemicals in the brain, scientists think that brain chemistry seems to play a role in the beginning of anxiety disorders. Researchers think that personality may play a role in the growth of an anxiety disorder, observing that individuals who have low self-esteem and weak managing skills may be more prone. On the contrary, anxiety disorders that start in childhood may itself play a role to the growth of low self-esteem. Researchers think that the connection between anxiety disorders and long-term contact to abuse, aggression, or hardship is an essential section for further study, as life experience may influence a human being’s vulnerability to these disorders. Occasionally, anxiety may be initiated by using street drugs like amphetamines, LSD, or Ecstasy. Still the caffeine in coffee can be sufficient to make some of us experience awkwardly nervous. The anxiety disorders consist of panic disorder (with and without a history of agoraphobia), agoraphobia (with and without a history of panic disorder), generalized anxiety disorder, specific phobia, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder,
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