Influences of New Media on Indigenous Communties Essay

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Indigenous people groups over the world have been influenced by the presentation of advances from remote societies for several years. Some have not incredibly changed their lifestyles, while others have totally changed identities toward one self, whole social orders and perspectives. Current advances, particularly telecommunication and machine innovations, permit indigenous assemblies to partake in the bigger social orders and economies around them. These innovations likewise empower them to save and advertise their lifestyle for their relatives and for our aggregate learning of mankind's history.
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The benefit of new media is clear not just in the account developments of aboriginal society history on their own terms, yet in coordinating it with Canadian innovation, embodied in the stream of TV. (Ginsburg et al., 2002: 41-42)

The Digital Songlines project focus is more than simple visualization, rather its mission is recreating an experience, a way of interacting with the country by identifying the key elements giving each place its special cultural significance that an Aboriginal group identifies within their tribal boundaries.
While "Traditional" virtual heritage reconstructions are frequently dependent on technology and their development mostly driven by it, Digital Songlines is dependent firstly on an understanding of the traditional cultural values attached to specific landscape by Aboriginal people and then on the methodology and process of integrating those values in the digital environment with a focus on significance and cultural relevance independent from the level of visual realism.

Aboriginal cultural custodians, knowledge owners, community leaders and the Indigenous academia has realised the need to act to preserve the evidences of the Australian Aboriginal heritage and also their culture itself to give young and future

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