Informal On Informal Social Control

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Informal social control is a very important for society to be able to function. Unlike formal social control, informal social control are actions by ordinary people to prevent crime and achieve public order (Sampson, Raudenbush, & Earls, 1997, 918). It is a way for people to regulate others by having unwritten rules and regulations to follow that allow for society to function properly. Each community has different informal control rules that shun undesirable behavior, such as criminal behavior or having an argument in a public place. “Social control is maintained by the rewards and punishments which are built into every relationship, and which are evident in the conferring and withholding of esteem, the sanctions of gossip, and the institutional, economic, and moral pressures that underlie behavioral patterns” (Warner, 2014, 422) This allows for a negative outcome if a person breaks the informal codes of their relationships. Informal social control is very important to society. Informal control can sometimes be more important than formal control. “Informal social control has been argued to be both more pervasive and more powerful in controlling crime than formal social control” (Warner, 2014, 422). From a young age people in the community are socialized to not commit crimes and as a result of committing crimes can be shunned by said community creating an undesirable effect. “Although social control is often a response to deviant behavior, it should not be equated with

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