The Dispersal Of Discipline

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The dispersal of discipline in the UK via Anti-Social Behaviour legislation In recent years the Criminal Justice System has argued to reduce the prison population by incorporating punishment in the community through use of anti-social behaviour legislation (Gibbs, 2009). Behaviour once not suitable for criminalisation has been dubbed anti-social that may cause ‘harassment, alarm or distress’ (Home Office, 2003) which requires a form of punitive focus to prohibit risk to society, however the definition is largely contested as being ambiguous (Doolin & Child, 2011). Since the introduction of Labour in 1997, collated evidence by people of a community has been a main priority in determining the punishment of delinquent others to control …show more content…

Taking into account Cohen’s fishing metaphor, it is of importance to consider Schur’s (1973) elaboration of the labelling theory (Becker, 1963) providing an alternative approach to traditional thinking. He argues that institutionalisation should ‘take a backseat’ and the improvement on the quality of life of the deviant youth should be at the forefront if the Government is to ever succeed in reducing the delinquency rate

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