Information And Handling Of Customer Conversations

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In the emerging experience economy, the proper management and handling of customer conversations are suddenly one of the most important functions a company has. However, with limited scope for organic growth in the western countries such as the US and Europe, many companies and investors changed their eyes towards the emerging markets (Shaw, 2012). According to Euro monitor International Report, the top five fastest-growing major economies in 2015 will be all emerging market economies in the Asia Pacific region. In southeast Asia, because the internet is playing an important channel through which consumers in an emerging countries gather products and services including informations. It has an influential impression towards friends, family, …show more content…

Customer satisfaction is dependent of one’s intention to perform the decision to purchasing intention. On the other hand, service quality has an appositive impact on customer satisfaction because quality measure the value and this value added the loyalty (Fishbein, & Ajzen, 1975). Finally, customer satisfaction is directly or indirectly connected to customer loyalty if a customer is satisfied to buy something with full of expectation, customers may or may not be loyal to the brand or products. 2.4 Research Model Fig-1: Conceptual Framework of Customer Service Experience in an Emerging Economy 2.5 Research Hypothesis Product Quality is the notch to which a specific creation follows a suggestion or arrangement (Kirmi & Minja, 2012). Recently, Product quality becomes a more and more vital concern to the consumers. According to Harvard University researchers, North American companies are producing more reliable products compared to the products produced in the eighties because they think fast fashion will not exist after the certain period of time. People are now more conscious about their choice and how they will affect the environment (Garvin, 1984). In an emerging economy, product quality is very important because it allows for existence in a competitive world in which maintaining quality is the first priority. Customer service quality is defined as the perspective of which

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