Information From The Sales Sub System

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Information from the sales sub-system can be used by management in conjunction with information from the other subsystems to make decisions regarding the direction and day to day operations of the business. Information from the sales subsystem is vital in the preparation of the income statement, balance sheet, profit and loss statement. Sales data is also used by management to manage cash flows and prepare sales budgets and targets.

Information can be obtained through customer satisfaction surveys, feedback from customers via any number of channels including facebook and customer reviews along with information from the inventory and shipping sub-systems can be used to highlight areas for improvement and aid in planning activities for the business. If your business is not able to meet the needs and expectations of the customers the highly competitive nature of the market means that there are many other businesses both online and traditional retail stores that are more than happy to accommodate them. The information gained from the sales sub-system can be examined on its own to show specific areas where significant success or failure has occurred. It can just as easily be viewed in conjunction with information from other sources to aid in the long term planning for the business, identifying potential problem areas and showing the strengths of the business.

Inventory management system:
The data in the reports produced by the inventory system can be used to support…
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