Information Security As Safe Guarding Organizational Data From External And Internal Threats

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Information Security System
We can define information security as safe guarding organizational data from external and internal threats. External threats include computer viruses, spam, hacking incidents While internal threats includes the use of unauthorized hardware, physical theft of hardware, abuse of computer access control. In short protecting data from unauthorized access or modification for the purpose of confidential and integrity of computer system data is called information security.
Information security is needed to handle risk management. There is a risk of alteration to sensitive information. If a person or employee does not have understanding to maintain confidential data, an organization not only has risk of mishandling and unauthorized use of most valuable business asset but also a risk of being in noncompliance. In this way corporate reputation can be damaged. Regulatory requirement compliance and customer trust and satisfaction are two major reasons why employees must have awareness and perception of information technology.
Organizations can create awareness and perception of information technology in their employees through providing them security awareness training, implementation of policies regarding security issues. Organizations should create a security aware culture to make staff aware of the risk of security issue and what are their responsibilities in a sensible manner (, 2015).
Bruce Schneier as an American privacy specialist and

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