Information Systems : A Basic Necessity For Running Successful Business

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1.1 Research Background
In present era, Information systems existence is unavoidable in all working environment. Information system is globally recognized & widely accepted as a basic necessity for running successful business. Kim (2007), Information Technology plays an important business tool in modern era to attain competitive advantage for the organization as well as improving employee’s efficiency and productivity. Enterprise Resource Planning system shortly known as ERP system is one of the primary information systems used in various industries to run their business operations. ERP attained various industry attentions due to its cross functional integration, business process reengineering, real time reporting and many other useful functionalities and capabilities. Initially, ERP system was predominantly implemented in large enterprises due to its high implementation cost and implementation time consuming. For the past few decades, SME’s businesses environment are rapidly changing in order to stay more competitive in fast paced competitive market. Organizations want to upgrade their business communications, business and employee capabilities and business process automation to latest technologies. During the last few decades, large number of small & medium size enterprises started implementing ERP systems to stay competitive in global market. Amoako (2007) and Kemp et al (2008) explains the usage of ERP system in different business divisions. From

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