Information Systems: Helpful Enterprise Resource Planning

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When we look at big name stores, you can assume that there are many systems compiling, interpreting and organizing several points of data at the same time. In an organization to communicate the information from one department to another department and then to manage the flow of information to the client, there are several helpful enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems implemented, which will help organization to help maintain their software systems.
Organizations like Target, has integrated ERP system implemented, which helps them connect their Retail Department, HR department, Inventory Department, Courier Department together, which helps in many way to establish a strong identity in the market. An average transaction from one customer can trigger multiple functions and multiple departments. Let us say Sally walks into Target looking for a bottle of bleach. Her steps are finding the correct bottle, placing it in her basket, and then take her basket to the checkout. The checker scans the bottle of bleach totals the transaction and Sally uses her debit card to finish the purchase. Straight forward and we probably repeat this process daily. Yet the same transaction triggers multiple behind the scene operations. After the transaction is complete the software responsible for inventory minus' that bottle of bleach. During the evening, a report is sent to the replenishment team, they use scanners to find products in the warehouse, and daily counts to replenish the correct

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