Erp Platform For Enterprise Resource Planning

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ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is a word applied to integrated software systems mainly used to manage organizational resources that are both internal and external. These resources may include the tangible and intangible ones. An ERP makes a business to benefit from integrated business operations, which is a strategy for combining the daily undertaking of various departments in a business. Also the system can adapt to the growth of the organization, this means that the system can cope with an increase in the functions of a business. Also, the organization benefits from the absence of data redundancy due to the presence of one database. Where FoxMeyer implements an ERP Drugs ' system, then it will enjoys low cost of …show more content…
infrastructure they have. A good foundation offers a holistic system support giving the organization access to redundant I.T. facilities; this includes disaster recovery services delivered on the latest technological platforms and maintained by expert technicians without any extra costs. The team should consider the implementation costs after the system is fully done and the time this will take. If the application takes too long, it can lead to unexpected costs thus affecting the employees’ morale hence a short period is the best if possible. Make sure that you invest well on training and the changeover method to have high and real returns. This is a priority as it adds value to the project and the company at large. The firm should consider efficiencies of the processes. This can be benchmarked, measured and accounted for against similar companies.
Many of the I.T. facilities, human resource, logistics, and accounting are repetitive and not unique to business but have an additional value to the company performance, delivering best at lowest cost. Other costs are more complicated and require more resources adding value at an appropriate cost but should only be done when necessary. Transactional and knowledge based activities can take full advantage of shared resources model, either internally or externally. By seeking external ongoing maintenance services this will safes the firm

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