Informative Essay : Amusing Ourselves For Death, Media Traps Society For Many Reasons

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After reading Neil Postman’s book, Amusing Ourselves to Death, media traps society for many reasons. The first reason is because the media limits the audience’s discourse to the bias it employs. Television has limited real discourse because of the constant need to entertain viewers. The need to entertain viewers has made the actual message far less important than the entertainment of how it’s presented. Even religion and education have become more entertaining than achieving their actual goal. Media traps us primarily because that is where we derive our information from. Television also traps young school children by constantly entertaining them. The media whether that be TV or newspapers, limit the audience to the bias they have. If a newspaper has a liberal bias, they limit their readers to the liberal bias they propagate. A television network is focused primarily on retaining the viewers’ attention. The TV networks will try extra hard to entertain the viewer, to retain their attention. The viewer, instead of receiving informative discourse, boring or not, is now getting information that is only for entertainment. There is a reason why television stations hire attractive newscasters. TV viewers are more likely to stay on the channel if the newscaster is attractive. This principle can also be expanded not only to TV but the way products are advertised in general. The quality of the products is subordinate to the fashion of the product. Do people really buy Lamborghinis

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