Informative Speech About Stress

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You ask me what is stress? As I stand here with no sleep, dark bags under my eyes, you ask me “What is stress?” well what makes you think I know stress? Is it the dead look in my eyes? Or maybe its the fact that i can barely keep my eyes open since my teachers all think their class is more important than any form of social life or heaven forbid another class. It’s both right? Yeah it is, how can we be expected to relieve stress if the things that we do to relieve stress make us more stressed, or we had to stop what we enjoyed doing to work on meaningless essays and questions that never end. That is what stress is, its that gnawing feeling that even if you do everything right you may have to do even more and it just piles on never endingly until it eventually collapses because students weren't meant to handle this level of stress, and when it collapses everyone acts like they understand but they don't. They say “why are you stressed when i was your age…” here’s the heartbreaking truth that was you not me. You say that there's tutoring for help with academic classes but the pride that comes from being at the top of the class and always being one of if not the smartest people in the room won't let you go even if you desperately need it. Because if you go to get help you could be seen as weaker than the people who did this on their own. So yes you can get tutoring but if it comes at the price of seeing yourself as less than somebody who came before you would you? Could you

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