Informative Speech on Eating Healthy While Having a Busy Lifestyle

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Rhea Lopez Informative Speech 9:00 am- 10:25am October 8, 2012

Topic: Eating Healthy With A Busy Lifestyle

General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform the audience how to eat healthily on the run
Central Idea: I'll talk about choosing healthy foods when at a restaurant, packing your lunch, and keeping nutritious snacks on hand.

Attention- getter: Good morning ladies and gentlemen. My name is Rhea Lopez and I'm here to talk about eating healthy with a busy lifestyle. How many of you find it a challenge to eat healthy because you are always running somewhere such as from work to school or from school to another activity?
Relevance to audience: Most of us are and you are …show more content…

C. Many convenient options available like 1. Pre-cooked or pre-cut meat 2. Fruit cups, apple sauce, and yogurts.. D. Microwaveable frozen healthy dinners are another option like Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice. E. It can be prepared the night before for convenience. I. In addition to choosing healthy foods when at a restaurant and packing lunch, healthy snacks can easily accessible to stave off hunger. A. Water is the recommended healthy drink and we should always carry bottled water with us in anywhere we go. B. Fruits, yogurt smoothies, and whole grain cereal bars are example of snacks that are healthy and good foods on the go.

Summary Statement: We have looked at various options for eating healthy on the go. We have learned how to pack a lunch and choosing the right food for lunch and its benefits which are easy to prepare and less expensive. We've also learned the healthy foods to order when you are at a restaurant which includes the choice of salad, baked and grilled entrees, and fruits for breakfast or dessert and lastly, I've given you examples of healthy snacks on the go like cereal bars, fruits and yogurt smoothies along with water.
Audience response statement: You now have ideas on how to eat healthy while having a busy lifestyle.
WOW statement: Keep in mind that "The greatest wealth is health."

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