Healthy Eating Persuasive Speech

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Life can be busy theses days, right? We have our careers, children, school among other things going on. Somehow, even though we want the best for ourselves and our children, making healthy meal choices can be challenging. We Tend to make bad choices, due to our hectic schedules and poor planning. How many of you find it challenging to eat healthy while on the go? How many of you would like to eat healthier and maybe save some money at the same time? As my daughter’s and my own schedule become heftier it’s been easy to make unhealthy choices. Concerned with the health risks associated with a poor diet, I decided to look into some ways that I could make changes pertinent to a healthier diet. Today I would like to share …show more content…

Don’t buy into value the meal costing less. You can do w/out the fries. 3. Do w/out getting foods fried, get it grilled or broiled.

C. Some restaurants geared toward healthy eating

1. Panara

2. Subway 3. Quick check

III. Pack a healthy lunch

A. Healthier choices can be made when not eating out

B. Usually less expensive than eating out C. Many convenient and healthy options

1.Deli meats such as turkey,

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