Inherit The Wind Analysis

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Both Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee and “Colorado’s long history-and uncertain present- with the KKK and other hate groups” by Noelle Phillips show how a conflict of values make us stronger as people and as a nation. A conflict of values can make people stronger through bringing them together. When people’s beliefs are challenged, they unite against those who do not agree with them. They join with others who have the same ideals as them. This concept is shown in both readings. In Inherit the Wind, every citizen believes fully in the bible and does not accept the theory of evolution. Bert, a schoolteacher, is put on trial for teaching his students about Darwin’s theory of evolution. The trial causes a conflict of values in the citizens of the town. The conflict is the bible vs evolutionism. This conflict causes the citizens to come together against those who do not believe in the bible. The citizens had a prayer meeting in which Reverend Brown stated, “Do we call down hellfire on the man who has sinned against the word?” (Lee, Lawrence 66). The citizens responded with, “Yes!” (Lee, Lawrence 66). Because Bert went against their beliefs, the citizens were fine with cursing him. They did not think it was wrong because he questioned their faith. The conflict of values caused by the trial did not because the city to be broken apart, but instead brought them together against the person who challenged their beliefs. The article “Colorado’s long history-and
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