Inheritance Is A Part Of Most People 's Lives

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Inheritance is a part of most people’s lives. At some point in life there will be an inheritance passed down from one generation to another. There are different forms of inheritance. There is an inheritance of a generation teaching another generation how to do something that maybe they did in the older generations time that they do not do now. Another form of inheritance is when someone dies and then normally someone in the family of a younger generation will inherit whatever they owned or what they had on their will to give to them. Both authors have examples of these two forms of inheritance. Hampl said, ”for instance, have a single recollection of my first arithmetic lesson, the first time I studied Latin, the first time my grandmother tried to teach me to knit” (25). Hampl explains how she found out that her father played the violin after her first piano lesson. She inherited music skills and the passion for music from her father. Family inheritance and skills such as this are a very common thing but is not always the case. Most skills inherited by parents are pushed onto them by their parents because it was or still is a passion for them so they want their children to do it so they can share that passion. There is another form if inheritance that is a little different but the same idea. The younger generations are still receiving things from the older generation just like in Hampl’s article. This form normally has a little more meaning to it because the younger…
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