Inland National Bank

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Inland National Bank

Case Study


• to show how...

1. stakeholders’ needs and demands are often interlinked with one another, 2. consequently affecting each other, 3. and ultimately, impacting the business firm in their decisions.

• to serve as an exercise for future requirements.


who are the stakeholders in this case? which are primary, and which are secondary?

what influence do they have? draw a diagram of the stakeholder relationships to INB.

how are they related to each other?

primarystakeholders investors owners stockholders
CEO: “technology could better serve customers.” senior management amy miller (manager)

employees / labor unions

customers old neighborhood (Rockdale)
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sense; CEO introduced technology (online banking services) North Madison profile: poor neighborhood HSB branch in commercial district (bus. strat: ATM) bank closure will result in 20 jobs lost
(few can be reassigned internally within INB)

casefacts s u m m a r y

Rockdale Branch profile: aging population in need of renovation ($0.5M) if HSB closes, nearest INB in Culver Heights
(10-mins away, along bus route)

other considerations Rockdale residents protest after merger announcement media

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