Insecure Avoidant Attachment Analysis

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interpersonally to form relationships. Insecure avoidant attachment is also common among children who have adverse experiences during their childhood development and this leads to strained interpersonal relationships (Behrens, Hesse, & Main, 2007). Impact of Individual and Cultural Differences
Society and culture play a significant role in a child’s development which influences developmental milestones. This is because children in the early stages learn their way of life from imitating those around them and they are therefore inclined to behave in a certain way that seems normal to them (Albert & Trommsdorff, 2014). The acquired traits and behaviors at an early age are likely to influence later developmental stages that define who a person is and what they are capable of.
Albert and Trommsdorff (2014) note that the developmental stages vary across different cultures as some cultures ensure that children transition from childhood to adulthood without necessarily encountering adolescent and other cultures ensure that their children transition sequentially from one stage to another (Albert & Ferring, 2012). Other cultures have different roles for various stages of development which contributes to diversity in lifespan development. Children experiences with their parents in the context of a culture and support them to be culturally
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According to American Psychological Association (2001), evidence based interventions have been proved successful in the field of clinical and counseling psychology and extended to the field of educational psychology. Evidence-based practice incorporates three key elements to ensure that the process is successful; these features include the individual characteristic, professional expertise, and best available research (Kanne, Abbachi, & Constantino,
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