Inside Contract Essay

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For example, at Winchester inside contractors wanted to keep in factory those youngers who were hardworking, talented and with technical skills. Also, in the “Tenth Century” Charles Fitch said that were required many skilled and experienced crafts workers. This is obvious that technological necessity widespread the use of Inside contract and those who get advantages from this were, on the one hand, the contractors because they have a working place, could maintain their independence and be a “semi-independent businessmen”. On the other hand, the employers because they have the contractors to supervise the working process and they had more time to deal with marketing and sales processes. The last part of the essay will emphasize the benefits of Inside contracting in comparison with the Helper system. Although, many people see this two systems approximately equal there are different. The main difference is that in the Internal System the contractor supervise the work of fifteen or one…show more content…
Without capital, marketing and sales abilities, in a capitalist society, master crafts did not the power to continue to provide items so they accepted to work as an employee in fabrics. As a contractor they were small businessmen, maintain their autonomy and continued to share and learn other workers their knowledge and skills. Even though there are few documents attesting the existence of Inside Contract many authors support its efficiency. Some of the people who agreed that the Inside contract was advantageous for workers are: Dan Clawson, Henry Roland who emphasize the necessity of craftsmen when companies introduced improved tools, Fichter who said that Inside Contract can be seen as a contribution in the growth of the machine tool industry and Charles Fitch who highlight in the “Tenth Century” that were required many skilled and experienced crafts
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