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Case 4 Inside Intel Inside What was the original motivation behind Intel’s decision to launch the Intel Inside branding campaign? What factors have accounted for the success of the campaign? From a consumer perspective, how does the Intel inside logo affect your PC buying decisions? Intel was a market leader in PC Microprocessor industry. Due to evolving new technology and intensifying competition, sustaining technological lead was of utmost priority in 1990 for Intel. They had threats from growing powers like AIM (Apple, IBM and Motorola) tie ups in 1991. To counter this competition, Intel doubling up their R&D. There were simultaneous development of products of 2 generations going on. The other competitors could not catch up with…show more content…
They also communicated to customers that the product life cycle is very small and short lived. But when they wanted to launch their next product, they wanted to span successive generation of products. They came up with brand tagline “ Intel - The computer Inside”. Then the OEMs asked “if you are computer, what are we?”. Hence they changed their tag line to “Intel Inside”. They wanted to develop a Co-op advertising program like that they noticed in packaged goods industry. Thus “Intel Inside” brand was formed. They made a 5 tone jingle t represent their brand identity. Thus a new concept of “Ingredient Branding” was in place in Microprocessor industry. What has been the brand promise in all of Intel’s advertising campaigns throughout the years? Lewnes says that “the core values of the brand have been constant all along.” What are these core values? On the other hand, how has the company’s advertising evolved over time? What do you think of the Blue Man Group advertisements? Why does Lewnes consider this campaign to be “one of the biggest advertising breakthroughs” in the company’s 10-year history? Do you agree with the direction the campaign appears to be taking? Intel’s promise was always on Quality & Reliability. This has always been constant throughout their promotions. But advertisement was evolving. They wanted to communicate that they were of high quality & highly reliable without using
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