Inside Out Themes

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Both Inside Out and Colors demonstrate different aspects of coping and adjusting with life. A significant amount of qualities presented in the film Inside Out as proved by the emotions reflected that are going on inside of Riley’s head led by yellow (Joy) and blue (Sadness) trying to guide her through changes in her life. Riley moves into a different state (California) where she needs to learn to cope with making new friends, getting used to the population, and having her furniture get here on time. However, yellow (Joy) and blue (Sadness) are inadvertently swept into the far reaches of Riley's mind.
“Meet the little voices inside your head” ( Levy Web) Riley’s mind, where these emotions help advise her through everyday life as she struggles to adjust to a new life. An overall theme of adjustment is presented throughout the film, showcasing the nature of emotions a human feels and how each emotion such as: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust are all used and take a part into once life. In
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Rossetti uses the beauty throughout life and nature with the existence and truancy of colors. One will go through dark times “In the summer twilight.” (Rossetti Web) but eventually bounce back into light, “What is white? a swan is white Sailing in the light.” (Rossetti Web). With every life journey, a modern, and exceptional turn out is fulfilled with coherence. While expressing the colors of nature, metaphorical setting a concrete example experiencing the awe and glory of colorful representations. The poem is experiencing different variation in the colors of nature, “Pink rose, the red poppy, the blue sky, the yellow pear, the green grass, the violet clouds, and the orange orange.” (Isumner Web). Appealing to the never ending pattern of senses and causing a visual ideal of colors throughout Rossetti’s Colors, as well as representing simple complexities of
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