Installing A Secure Wireless Internet System On Military Installation Essay

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After retiring from the military, I received a job offer from Harris Corporation, they were subcontracted by General Dynamics to design and install a secure wireless internet system on military installation around the world. My job was to be the site project manager, design, supervise the installation, test the system, and turn it over to the installation commander, then move to another location. This job paid very well but it had its drawbacks, such as always traveling, only seeing my house for one weekend a month. Along with the individuals that I worked with, subordinates, peers, and supervisors alike, were always looking to blame everyone else for any issues that came up. The contract finally ended and I was let go, which was a not a devastating event because I was not satisfied in that job. Deciding it was time for me to go back to school, I spoke with my wife and she agreed, I also found ways to finance the majority of the cost. When deciding what degree I wanted to obtain my wife asked if I was going to advance my Electronic degree, I told her that I was done with that field. I thought about becoming a Pharmacist, I went to different businesses and talked with Pharmacist that was on duty, I talked with the University about the degree. I missed the beginning of one semester and my wife asked if that is what I truly wanted to do and asked “you don’t like taking medication, so why are you going to issue it out?” I realized that was not what I wanted to do, so I looked

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