Institutional DIscrimination is Unjust

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Discrimination, unjust judgment on others based on their characteristic which within a company will institutionalize. Institutional discrimination means a group is seen a certain way that an institution encourages or dislike for employee, interns, or student while interpersonal discrimination discriminations against people based on a personal views. Though discrimination was more common in the times of slavery and women as ‘stay at home moms’ but it still exist in the modern times of the last ten years. Everyday American’s face discrimination by companies and institutions based on gender, race, and social class with negative judgment. The negative judgments leads to the unjust treatment such as unequal payment, healthcare coverage and inaccurate stereotypes.
In article, “Gender Gouging” from Multinational Monitor Magazine’s January/ February 2009 Edition, the unjust treatments of women compared to men is revealed. “…women on an average earn less than men to begin with, that they are more likely to face challenges paying for their health care,” (Multinational Monitor 5). The rates of a woman’s healthcare premiums can range from 4% to 48% more than a male. In some states, maturity coverage isn’t available or pay an additional fee that covers a fraction of the “uncomplicated birth cost ... [which] average[s] $7,000” (5). Some state many also deny women insurance if they suffered domestic violence which “…basically victimizing women once again,” (5). Though not all but most
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