Instructional Speech : Teaching And Learning

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As I finished my internship, I had the opportunity to interview my principal, Dr. Travis Graham to get his thoughts his role as the instructional leader of Hollister High School on Tuesday, September 8, 2015.
1. How do you promote teacher and student learning in their school as the administrator of instructional programs, in effect, the principal is the instructional leader?
Dr. Graham likes to keep things simple in regards creating an atmosphere that promotes teaching and learning. He believes it is his biggest role as the instructional leader is to protect all instructional time. The students are in school to learn he must always keep this in mind when scheduling assemblies, emergency drills, and all of the other situations that pull students out of the classroom. Even though the above are important, they must be done at a minimum. He also believes he needs to be in the classroom as much as possible, when he is able to observe teachers in the classroom he will be better equipped to provide the personal professional development all teachers need to become better educators.
As the high school evolves to 1:1, he must embrace the technology the same way he is expecting his staff to do so. As the school evolves to a 1:1 school he must use the greatest educational resource at his disposal: his staff. Many members of the high school staff are already using the tools necessary for success the technology classroom. He must take these successes and model them for other…
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