Instructional Speech : Teaching And Learning

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As I finished my internship, I had the opportunity to interview my principal, Dr. Travis Graham to get his thoughts his role as the instructional leader of Hollister High School on Tuesday, September 8, 2015. 1. How do you promote teacher and student learning in their school as the administrator of instructional programs, in effect, the principal is the instructional leader? Dr. Graham likes to keep things simple in regards creating an atmosphere that promotes teaching and learning. He believes it is his biggest role as the instructional leader is to protect all instructional time. The students are in school to learn he must always keep this in mind when scheduling assemblies, emergency drills, and all of the other situations that pull…show more content…
As Dr. Graham says, “Never act like a know it all” because he continuously models what it takes to be a lifelong learner. 2. How do you involve parents in the school to improve the instructional program? In order to have a successful instructional program the parents have to be involved and invested in the instructional vision. The parents have to understand and embrace the idea the academics is always drives the vision and decisions of the educational leader. This vision is communicated through the counselors in the high school’s college and career center. Additionally, parents must have the tools needed to access and interpret how their children are performing in school. If their child is not meeting performance expectations, the parents must understand how interventions are put in place to promote additional educational growth for the student. Many of the district’s parents did not have good experiences in school and it is Dr. Graham’s job to make sure these parents are not intimidated by the educational process. 3. Describe how you plan for the future and introduce as well as provide leadership for new instructional programs in the school. This is a big year for Hollister High School. The building is now using standards based grading as a way to measure student growth and the building will be going 1:1 after the Christmas Break. To make sure these changes happen smoothly Dr. Graham has to thoroughly
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