Insurance Policies And The Insurance Policy

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1. Declaration: The first page of the policy, the name of the insured, the address, the duration of the insurance policy, the location, the scope of the policy, and other key information from the insured to the insured.

Definitions: In determining the scope of coverage, the insurance policy depends on a very specific and very clear meaning of the terms and phrases. Since these terms and phrases are often repeated many times in an insurance policy, a single definition of a term or phrase is included in the definition of the policy, rather than when the term is used. When the term is defined in the insurance terms, the reader is usually reminded, usually placed in quotation marks. Since the definition may have a significant impact on the …show more content…

Excluded property: Excluded property "is used to describe the duration of the legislative assets in IHT, or exclude, the scope of the body. The property is located in the United Kingdom, with the exception of personal registration of property.

b. Because exclusion is a policy that eliminates certain types of risks covered. Exclude the coverage provided by the reduced insurance agreement. In many insurance policies, insurance agreements are very broad. Insurance companies use to divide up the insurance they do not want to.

3. a. Part of the insurance policy, usually involving cancellation, coverage changes, audit, inspection, premiums and distribution policies. By the insurance services company (ISO) issued by the combination of business line policy form, the use of modular approach to building policies.

b. If the conditions stipulated in the insurance contract are not fulfilled, the insurer shall not be liable for damages. The condition usually stipulated by the insurer is to eliminate the loss caused by the intentional act of the insured, to eliminate any interests of the insured, or for any reason. The insurer has the right to refuse the insurance contract because of these conditions.

4. a. Any person, company or organization, or the name specified by its member, is designated as the insured

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