Is Kontosis A Retired Physical Education Teacher Who Was Employed With The Prince George's County Public School System

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Kontosis is a retired physical education teacher who was employed with the Prince George’s County Public School System. During her employment, Hartford underwrote three group disability insurance policies for Kontosis: Policy No. GLT-675844 (the “group policy”), Policy No. AGP-5630 (the “association policy”), and Policy No. AGP-5295 (the “second association policy”). Although all three policies were underwritten by Hartford, Hartford operated each policy independently of the other in accordance with the respective terms of each. The group policy provided for a maximum benefit of sixty percent of the policyholder’s monthly pre-disability earnings up to a maximum of $5,000.00 per month, and a minimum benefit of the greater of $100 or 10%…show more content…
This includes any such benefits for which the Insured Person or the Insured Person’s family is eligible or that are paid to the Insured Person, to a third party on the Insured Person’s behalf, pursuant to any: a) temporary or permanent disability benefit under a Workers’ Compensation Law, occupation disease law, or similar law; b) governmental law or program that provides disability or unemployment benefits as a result of the Insured Person’s job with the employer; c) plan or arrangement of coverage, whether insured or not, as a result of employment by or association with the Employer or as a result of membership in or association with any group, association, union or other organization; . . . f) disability benefits under the United States Social Security Act . . .or similar plan or act that the Insured Person or, the Insured Person’s spouse and children are entitled to receive because of the Insured Person’s disability. Other Income Benefits also means any such payments that are made to the Insured Person, his or her family or to a third perty on his or her behalf, pursuant to any: . . . d) retirement benefits under the United States Social Security Act . . . or similar plan or act that the Covered Person recieved because of his or her retirement, unless the Insured Person was receiving them prior to becoming Disabled. Other income benefits is similarly defined under the group policy. The parties agree that under both
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