Integrated Family Wellness ( Ifw ) A Alternative Medicine Medical Clinic

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Integrated Family Wellness (IFW) a alternative medicine medical clinic located in Brookfield, WI. It has been owned and operated by Dr. Michele Nichols NMD since 2001. In 2015 it was identified that Dr. Nichols desires for her organization to have a franchised system for medical providers to establish their own profitable integrated medical practice, regardless of the specialty. Lisa McNeil and Trifecta Consulting were hired to assess the organizational and training needs, determine why profits have flat lined in the last three years, and make suggestions for improvement of processes and systems. Four weeks into the observation period, the following has been determined: there are no training protocols for employees, unused job descriptions, an outdated procedure manual, little staff oversight, no formal collection of demographics and statistical patient data, no formal operating/marketing budget, no centralized tracking of monies coming and going, no client follow up, no client engagement, and no staff reviews. While this consulting project will take almost 2 years to complete and will be the focus project of my degree program, the purpose of this assignment at Alverno College, I will focus on the task assessment, addressing: job descriptions, oversight, training, and reviews. Due to the nature of the above tasks and the amount of time for development and testing of implemented tasks, some of the information presented will be theoretical and purely conjecture, at this

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