Integration Paper : Young Adults Essay

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Andrea Castro
Psychology 230-900
24 November 2016
Integration Paper Young adults are faced with many challenges in their lives. Just like challenges, there are also different paths that can be chosen as a young adult matures. These paths lead them to their future friends, their future careers, and their future lives. As these young adults get older they may reflect on the choices they have made and see if they are satisfied with where their choices have lead them and where they stand in today’s world. They may also take with them into old age lessons they have learned and can help others learn from. Gilbert Smith is a friend of mine whom I have known for 5 years. He is 36 years old, married with one child, a daughter, and lives in Greeley Colorado. He was born in Indio California, a city located in Riverside County. He is the oldest sibling in his family. He has a younger brother and sister. Though he was born in Indio, he spent the first eight years of his life in Desert Hot Springs California, a much smaller city, also in the County of Riverside. There, he resided with his mother, stepfather, and two siblings. His parents were not well off at all, and received government assistance for food and healthcare. His stepfather was physically abusive to him, his siblings, and his mother. This went on for several years before the abuse soon gained attention as his teachers noticed markings on his face when he arrived at school. Speaking up for himself and his family,

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