Integrative Learning Project: Organizational Setting

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Integrative Learning Project: Organizational Setting


A company called Creative Learning Center, a fictitious company is selected for the purpose of this integrative learning project. Creative Learning Center is a child care services who also offer extended care that incorporates Christian-based curriculum for children from toddlers age to five years old. The mission of the Creative Learning Center is to provide first-rate child care services in a warm, safe and nurturing environment while reinforcing a child’s intellectual, mental and physical development. The Creative Learning Center takes a Christian-based team approach utilizing experienced and skilled staff whose profession is nurturing and educating the youth. The target
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External customers of Creative Learning Center are the parents of the children attending the center and who purchase other services that are provided at the center. Parents from the middle to upper income brackets are ambitious driven professionals. Parents, whose child is offered grants to supplement the cost of services, have the desire to offer the very best early childhood development but cannot afford the cost. These parents are mostly having single income who also work long hours or have more than one job. The internal customers are not only the children attending the Creative Learning Center, but each department which provide specific services such as the teachers, cooks, custodians and directors are all internal customers of Creative Learning Center.
There are many ways one can help an organization achieve its mission. For the purpose of this paper, the student will play the role of the Center Director. Through external excellence, the Center Director can positively impact those serviced by the Creative Learning Center. External partnership with other community business can create added value for the organization. External partnerships include State child care welfare, private elementary school, charter schools, health care providers and local markets for coupon offers. Aside from external partnership, developing a strong internal excellence is also important. The Creative Director can enhance the
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