Intercultural Communication Shares Information Across Diverse Groups and Cultures

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The term intercultural communication refers to a type of communication that is aiming at sharing information across diverse social groups and cultures. In general, intercultural communication describes wide range of communication processes that are naturally occurring in organizations which are made up of individuals who are from different backgrounds. Today’s world has been characterized by increased communication between different people around the world resulting to establishment of contracts across people from different locations. The term power distance as defined by (De Vito, 2006) is the extent which ordinary people in organizations accept that power in the institution is unequally distributed. Many cultures which have a low power distance do accept power relations which are more democratic in nature. In such organizations, people who hold inferior positions feel free to question their superiors and challenge them when it comes to decision making or policy suggestion. A good example of a country with low power distance is the United States and a country with high power distance is Saudi Arabia (De Vito, 2006). High power distance in a country not only affects the relationship between the government and its citizens but also affects employer-employee relationship (De Vito, 2006). Power distance is mainly concerned with the attitudes of people and the respect they have to their authorities. Having respect to your authorities and bearing in mind the right attitude is

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