Internal And External Marketing Environment

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1.0 Introduction
HMV is a limited company of CDs, DVDs, Film, Music, games and Technology products. It has Over 120 Stores all over the UK, offers different verities of Movies, Music, Headphones and Ipads as well. HMV’s opened its first store at Oxford Street on 20th July 1921. Hmv started expanding in 1990s and reached to its maturity stage in late 1990s till 2004. At the end of 1990s HMV’s sales started slowing down because of the introduction of digital media. HMV’s sales fell year by year since 2004 and then they have introduced new and versatile media to regain its position as the home of entertainment (HMV, 2014).

2.0 Internal and External marketing environment
PESTLE analysis can use to different objectives such as work planning, marketing strategy and product development. External factors as can create new opportunities for a business; it can eliminate some of them. We will look at the effects of external environment factors on HMV Company and offer solutions in order to develop a strategy.
2.2 Political / Legal: As an entertainment sector, HMV has been hit majorly by pirate broadcasting. But there is a core competency help the company survive such as UK laws to prevent the users in using piracy software. The law also forbids manufacturing and uploading products illegally. However, it cannot completely avoid people downloading from internet and certain obstacles are the major challenges in the implementing of the law.
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