Internal & External Factors

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Internal & External Factors Paper Osvaldo Lopez MGT/230 06/17/2015 Tricia Stewart Internal & External Factors All successful organizations are affected by internal and external factors. These internal and external factors have an impact on the organizations four functions of management. The organizations that better adapt to these factors are the organizations that are the most successful, the more profitable and the companies that have will be around for a long time. AT&T is a company that has been around since the 1800’s and has been able to adapt to these internal and external factors that in a lot of cases affect the four functions of management, which are planning, organizing, leading and controlling.…show more content…
Internal & External Factors AT&T can be affected and has been affected by many internal and external factors. Globalization has had a major impact on its success. Globalization has aloud AT&T to enter new markets that it has never been able before. It has benefited by been able to acquired assets overseas in order to expand its telecommunication network and being able to make it a global brand. Globalization also allowed the company to hired new talent overseas in order for the company to gather the best workers globally and making the company more successful. Lastly it also helps the company to produce the same type of work while pay less for labor if its able to also be based globally given the cost of living will be cheaper in other countries while paying less for the job completed. Technology is what AT&T is about now and this factor is what dictates the company’s direction now. The fact the technology keeps changing at very high speed the ability to adapt to this change is what can put a company like AT&T on top over its competitors. AT&T is in a transition of becoming a technology and leaving the phone company title behind. Innovation is what makes technology companies thrived. The fact that technology is moving at a fast pace all tech companies always have to able to come up with the next big thing. Whether is the next big smart phone, laptop, or software that will allow the AT&T user to navigate at

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