Internalizing My Personal Interactions with Others Essay

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Early Childhood

Early childhood is a significant time of physical, cognitive, social and emotional development in my life. Seeking emotional regulation is crucial in this period. I remember an instance in my life when I was still in preschool. Our teacher asked us to stand up because we are going to pray before we eat our snack, but I did not stand up so the teacher called my attention. I just stood up and bowed my head till the prayer was finished. I was so ashamed that I cannot even look at the surroundings and my classmates in the classroom. Since I was really shy at that time, I was not able to finish my preschool class. With this attitude, I realized that I have an internalizing problem. Internalizing problems occur when a child has …show more content…

This is the time where I experience tremendous growth and changes in my body as this imply the onset of puberty. Likewise, this stage is important to me as it helps me to be a responsible and mature individual at a young age. One particular event in my life that I will never forget was when my mother got sick of kidney disease. During this period, I felt I needed to grow up early for my family especially for my younger siblings. My mother was confined in the hospital for weeks, and I was the one left to attend the needs of my brother and sister. I knew I had to be strong for them. At a young age, I learned how to cook, help in their assignments and take care of them. It was tough since I was also studying at that time. I had to adapt to the situation and be in charge of them. This incident caused me to value my family for more than anything else. In a way, familism influenced my life. Familism is the belief that family members should care for one another even if it means sacrificing one’s own freedom and success (Berger, Depression, pg. 377). Going through a challenging time in my adolescent year made me tougher and selfless for my family. After studying about familism in the adolescence stage, I can say that familism improves the relationship that I have with my family; however, I was not able to enjoy my adolescent days as compared to the others as my age. Familism allows me to have a deeper perspective on how to

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