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International Drug Trade Student’s Name Institution Name Date The world is getting condensed into a global village and this comes with opportunities and challenges. The global economy, for example assumes greater importance to all countries as it affects them in one way or another. While the condensation of the international market has benefited global business partners, it has also been permeated and exploited by unscrupulous tradesmen. For example, the international drug trade has fully optimized this opening and fixed its muscles to create a quenching demand and also created an avenue for supplying. The international drug market is booming with new bases and cartels established perennially. Local and international agencies…show more content…
The situation was further complicated because there was not a particular qualification identified for doctors. Rival medical practitioners would taunt each other over what they termed as “heroic treatments” and termed professional practitioners as obfuscators and inhumane. Amid this confusion, opiates found their way into the market and could be consumed without proper prescriptions. While some professionals opposed the use of opium as medication, some medical documents such as The Elements of Materia Medica and Therapeutics embraced the use of opium terming it as the most valuable remedy . The confusion and perception of the public with regards to the consumption of drugs is not restricted to the opiates in the US. India has also had to deal with a drug menace because of the people’s perception of drugs. In India, the disharmony in the medical professional led the people to consumption of cocaine. Members of the high class once consumed cocaine for medical reasons. The habit was borne out of a need to relieve pain but soon engulfs the user and they get addicted. Respectable men would also consume cocaine under medical prescriptions to improve virile power. While people would perish as a result of cocaine consumption, especially in the early 1900s in Calcutta, little was known about the

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