International Economics And Trade On My Sophomore Year

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One of the most important decisions I have made is transferring my major to International Economics and Trade in my sophomore year. From then on, I find my potential to be a quick learner. In my new field study, I had to adapt to the brand-new subject in a short time. Although my foundation was weaker than my classmates, I studied more profession courses than them, about 25 hours per week. Besides, I paid more attention to business practice and spent an extra 18 hours on extra-curricular activities every week. It was under this circumstance that I completed all the required courses within two years, which took my classmates three years; the final GPA was 3.2, which ranked top 22% in the class, and my annual GPA kept increasing to 3.7 in my …show more content…

Second, I also learnt how to bring forward innovation and put it into practice. Through inviting experts to teach farmers breed bees, we helped beekeepers adopt the new technique to achieve mass production, successfully developing a new product- honey comb that could make a higher profit. Last, this experience also taught me how to utilize core competence. As students who were for public benefit, we easily won more support from the society, which facilitated many business cooperation chances for farmers. Fortunately, based on the model and outcome of project, our team won runner-up out of 200 prestigious universities in the Enactus National Competition in 2015. At that time, I was sure that entrepreneurship was all about catching the opportunity, taking action and pursuing success. What further honed my entrepreneurship was my following entrepreneurial experience. After evaluating the honey comb, I found a market opportunity: there were more targeted customers and fewer competitors; besides, the profit margin of honey comb is 30% higher than that of honey. Consequently, I co-founded a honey product brand, Chasing Man, with three other partners. We improved the product by giving up plastic that was widely used as the pack of honey comb, and by pouring 60% of the money into bamboo-made pack that had

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