International Festival Management

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Marketing International Festival Event Management An international festival or event symbolizes the coalition of many agencies and organizations united in a common goal. International festival event management is the practice of coordinating among many people and organizations so as to plan and execute an event of substantial proportions. The paper will examine several major international events and/or festivals such as the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, as well as film, art, and culture festivals around the world. The paper will illustrate and prove through example that international festivals event management requires a synergy and synchronicity of efforts and plans. These events are not spontaneous endeavors and could not be executed by a single individual. Successful international festival event management requires a diversified skill set and awareness of the ways in which the event affects the environment where it takes place. Events and festivals affect the physical environment of the place where they are held, and they also affect the social, cultural, and psychological environments of the locations where they take place. Event planners and event managers must consider the connections the festival or event will have with the local and international communities. Event planners and event managers must consider the array of affects the event will have on the physical location, upon the local economy, upon the local culture, and more. Therefore international
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