International Foods Essay

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Innovation at the International Foods Josh Novak who owns a small company called Glow Foods, have been selected to be apart of International Foods Group (IFG) team. IFG Tower was Chicago landmark and part of the company’s logo that appeared at every type of food that existed such as cereal box, breakfast meals, snack foods, etc. There are a lot of differences between Glow Foods, and IFG. In addition, John Ahern (CIO) would like to add more customers to IFG, merging the two Glow Foods and IFG. The goal is to attract the youth and young adult markets in IT.
Josh was called to meet up with John Ahern and Tonya (manager of IT marketing) to talk. They started to talk about baseball teams, and the weather. Later on, John started
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Usually, employers hire people based on their skills, interviews, references, and presentation. Employers expect them that they are being honest about the type of person that they are, and they want to work for them. Each boss that a person will have all have different expectations to their employees, as they all have different management style, rules, and personality. In reality, there are also expectations of the general work that a person will do, the environment in which they will be working at and the way that they will be interacting with others in workplace. (CITE) Through experience and research there are common expectations that companies would like their employees to meet. Common expectations are being on time to scheduled work, following supervisor’s directions, maintaining a positive attitude at all times, treat everyone around you with respect, being responsible, and doing your roles. These expectations are usually told to all employees or kept to themselves knowing. Meeting the company’s expectations will help people progress in the company. With all employees meeting expectations, this will maintain the company be successful. (CITE) The second part of the serious obstacle to overcome is appearance. Tonya stated that Josh may find that he will get a better response to his ideas if he looks a bit more professional. Just like expectations all companies have their own set of rules when
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