International Marketing Report

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International Marketing Report The 21st century has led the commercial organizations to the era of cut throat competition where the existence and survival of organizations is at stake. The competition is further increased with the wave of globalization which has promoted trade across borders. This trend has raised the quality standards as the consumers are aware of their rights on the manufacturers and the society. Every year, brands of the years are awarded to the most successful and favorite organizations of the world in every industry. This paper is about BMW, one of the best global brands in the modern 21st century (Interbrand, 2012). BMW is a brand of vehicles which is considered a symbol of quality and status among its customers (Gantriis, 2008). The brand offers variety of products ranging from motorcycles to cars. The brand is famous for high quality engines installed in the BMW vehicles. The reason of engine strength lies in the fact that the idea of BMW car manufacturing was conceived from the practice of producing aircraft engines. There was a time when BMW was only an engine manufacturer and the engines were installed in various vehicles. The success in the field of powerful engines led BMW to start its own manufacturing plant for vehicles. The production started from motorbike in 1923 (BMW, 2012) and the dawn of 1929 witnessed the first ever car produced by BMW (Wired, 2007). The headquarters of BMW are located in Munich, Germany (BMW Group, 2012) while
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