Assignment 3: A Case Study: International Paper Company

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International Paper
International Paper Company or IP is considered a leader in the packaging, paper and pulp business. IP operates in North America, Europe, Latin America, Russia, Asia and North Africa and also operates 25 pulp, paper and packaging mills, 177 converting and packaging plants, 18 recycling plants and three bag facilities in the US and IP owns and manages thousands of acres of forestland worldwide. The company 's businesses are separated into three segments which are industrial packaging, printing papers and consumer packaging.
IP’s strong focus on Research and Development enables the organization to continue to revitalize its product offerings and introduce innovative products according to the market …show more content…

In the project I will continue to look at identifying the manufacturing requirements, Shelter Privacy Wall feasibility, production constraints, profitability, and overall risk associated with the introduction of this new product as required.
Facility Layout Before International Paper can consider its facility layout it has to look at its maximum capacity to produce. The Shelter Privacy Wall as stated earlier is a made to order product used in the event of disasters, for shelter areas, set up to provide privacy in dire situations. The capacity strategy to be adopted would be the average capacity strategy which will average expected demand for the product. Whether to increase capacity will depend on volume of anticipated demand, strategic objectives, and cost of operations and expansion.
The facilities make an impact on the competitiveness of the organization, the efficiency of the workers and the quality and quantity of the products. Some objectives to be met by the facility layout are:
• efficient use of space
• efficient use of labor
• reduce manufacture cycle time
• promote quality
• increase capacity
• facilitate better communication between workers The layout International Paper(IP) will be adopting for the production of the Shelter Privacy Wall will be a plant within a plant,

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