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1. Trump Declares ‘America First’ Policy a Success After Asia Trip – Nov. 15, 2017
Trump recently returned to the United States from a 12-day trip across Asia and gave a speech, which did not contain the major statement he previously said it would, stating that his ‘America First’ foreign policy has restored a global respect for the United States that did not exist under past presidents. Trump also stated that he “united the world against North Korea” and also argued for more mutually beneficial trade with countries like China, as he believes current trade patterns are harmful to America’s interests. Critics argue that Trump is too distracted by flattery from foreign leaders to focus on the issues, and Trump himself made more statements
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After reviewing all conservation facts and listening to Republican commentators like Laura Ingraham oppose lifting the ban, Trump decided to halt lifting the ban. However, critics argue that this “halt” is not enough and that Trump needs to take permanent action instead of temporary.
4. Trump Asked China to Free U.C.L.A. Players. What About Activists? – Nov. 20, 2017
President Trump claims that his request to China’s President Xi Jinping to release three UCLA basketball players saved them from nearly a decade of prison time. Experts on China’s laws argue that prison sentences are never the punishment for shoplifting, which is considered a minor crime in China, and that the players probably would have been deported instead. Others are disappointed Trump negotiated the release of these student-athletes, but not the release of lawyers and journalists currently facing harsher punishment in China. There are many cases of individuals being prosecuted for fighting for human rights, yet Trump made no effort to help these activists.
5. Restoring North Korea to Terrorism Blacklist Dims Hopes for Talks- Nov. 21, 2017
In light of Trump’s recent decision to place North Korea back on the list of nations involved in state sponsored terrorism, tensions have escalated and the prospect of diplomatic talks seems less optimistic. Trump is also pushing “the highest level
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