International Social Work

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In years past, global or international discussions, if at all included in a text, were typically the last chapter, almost an “oh, by the way.” But in today’s world, a global perspective is foremost in our thinking. Every day the impact of global issues is felt by all people, from volatile oil prices that translate into roller-coaster gas prices to the war in the Mideast, which siphons off millions of dollars that otherwise could be spent on human service programs.
Today’s world is much smaller, and our neighborhood now extends to countries tens of thousands of miles away.
It is most appropriate to begin this volume with a chapter written by a remarkable individual, Jody Williams, who is the 1997 Nobel Peace Laureate. Spearheading an initiative …show more content…

Human security is “the fundamental linchpin upon which rests all security” and reduces conflict if people’s needs are met.
Robin Sakina Mama, PhD, is recognized for her international work, particularly with the promotion of social work in the United Nations. She brings to our attention the strong position that social workers have played and will continue to play on the global stage.
International social work is not new to the profession, whose early efforts started shortly after World War I. Recognizing the importance of globalization, Mama writes, “Social work is also well prepared to work on policy that leads to solidarity and peace building among nations, which will have a direct impact on global social policy.”
Joseph Kin Fun Kwok, PhD, provides a detailed discussion of social justice from an
Asian perspective. Kwok explores the dimensions of justice with a detailed discussion of
Asian policy and practice while noting particular challenges faced by human services. As does Mama, Kwok believes that social workers, based on their unique and diverse practice experiences, are in an excellent position to add their expertise in policy

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