Internet Dangers

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As advancements in technology continue to exceed expectations, the internet starts to present itself more as a reliable tool than a technological breakthrough. With every passing year, people take for granted what a powerful asset the internet can truly be. However, common sense would suggest that, every powerful tool comes with a significant risk. The risk takes the form of every lewd, violent, and undesirable website which exists in the vast network of information. Some possess knowledge extensive enough to avoid these dangerous sites, but those who are young and blissfully ignorant of the unseen nature of the internet cannot possibly be expected to avoid these dangers on their own. Therefore, in order to protect the minds, hearts, and futures of the younger generation, precautionary measures should be taken to prevent children from accessing or stumbling upon sites which, by no means, should ever be seen by children.
It is said that over 30 percent of all data transferred across the internet is pornography (Kleinman, 2017). With much of this content being easy to access and free to view, it comes as no surprise that numerous children find themselve viewing explicit content. A study was done that shows up to fifteen percent of all 12-17 year olds view pornography through online sources or other means, this includes unwanted exposure. The study also states that 70 percent of 15-17 year old internet users report stumbling upon pornography quite often. Teens who have had

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