How Internet Is Negatively Impacting Carolina Day School 's Environment

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Aided by the convenience of smartphones, tablets, and computers, the Pew Research Center has found that 92% of teens are online daily, with open access to harmful material that can affect developing minds permanently, and set up habits that can damage their potential for success in the future. An even more shocking 24% of teens say that they are online “almost constantly.” As a tenth grader in Carolina Day’s upper school, I’ve witnessed the daily activities of students who confirm these statistics. To them, navigating the internet is second nature, and that is where the real danger lies. While at school, they are still granted connection to every game, social media site, and free essay resource, without limits. Unrestricted and unlimited access to the internet is negatively impacting Carolina Day School’s environment by affecting interpersonal relationships, stunting the positive development of the brain, and decreasing the chance of students gaining critical life skills. Internet hazards have the potential to invade any student’s life, with numerous dangers that highlight socio economic status, which creates unnecessary social pressures. The devices carried to school on a daily basis range from new Apple laptops to used Windows tablets. According to the American Psychology Association, students who can’t quite afford a new, glossy piece of technology, and therefore identify themselves as part of a lower class display significantly more signs of feeling displaced
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