Internet Technology And Its Effects On The Internet

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The internet is use among billions of individuals, which have led to numerous new assaults, that are caused by utilizing web browsers. These browser assaults can range from malicious coding to URL manipulation to clickjacking are noticeably difficult to avoid. As the frequency of the Internet expands, web browsers have turned into the essential technique for individuals to utilize Internet assets. As technology advances, there will be threatening cybersecurity concerns that must be addressed systematically and effectively to protect web based organizations and their customers. For instance, a reported conducted by Symantec stated “Internet Explorer [has] had 93 security vulnerabilities, Mozilla Firefox [has] had 74 …show more content…

Browsers are equipped with plugins, modules, that can be installed within web browsers such as Flash Player, Java Script, Media Players, and Adobe Reader. These plugins are frequently necessary to view specific content of a webpage. Generally, web browser attacks can occur due to weak coding of web applications, plugins, or vulnerabilities in the software supporting websites. Attackers may exploit these vulnerabilities to compromise computers or trusted websites for profit or excitement. Psychological factors can often motivate attackers to exploit these vulnerabilities for money, popularity, or personal thrills. The discovery of web browser vulnerabilities can be caused by outdated or unpatched browsers or operating system that can be misused in any way. These web browser vulnerabilities are the blocking blocks which expose information systems that allow attackers to capitalize on.
Types of Attacks
Web browsers were at first intended for recovering and showing data assets on the internet in static HTML. However, web browsers have turned out to be perplexing programming applications capable of performing security validation checks when loading URLs from the web. These security validation checks are performing before loading the URL to evaluate its compliance of the Content Security Policy and Same Origin Policy (Kerschbaumer, 2016). However, these required security validation checks may not be occurring

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