Internet Technology : The Development Of The Internet Age

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With the development of the Internet age, Internet technology has been developed to various industries. Interest technology has affected the traditional form, but also triggered the enterprise market and competitive environment drastic changes. As mentioned in the text book, successful innovation is difficult because innovation is often short and risky. But there is no innovation, is not now convenient. Both the music industry and book-publishing industry are the success examples of business model, competitive advantage and innovation. According to this talk by Philip Even, business strategies are based on technology-related assumption. Those assumptions are constantly changing, and in fact the change is so great that the direction of this …show more content…

With these competitive sources advantage, we have more choices. In other words, businesses in the competition at the same time will continue to upgrade themselves, so as to bring us a better quality of resources. In the past, we needed to spend $10 to buy a CD. The disc is usually recorded ten to twenty songs. Now, however, we only need to pay a lot of songs by paying a subscription fee. We do not need to go to a specific place to buy CD-ROM and can listen to music at any time you want to listen to music. In addition, the recording habits of the album have been changed. Before buying a record is prepaying consumption, a lot of time we are because the title song or nice cover to by album. Now fewer and fewer people will buy a record unless it is for a particular album or buy a collection. On the traditional mass media: book publishing, in the digital process has changed. At the beginning of the day, the book was in hand written mode. Then with the development of printing, books gradually changed to print and publish. However, with the development of information technology, people began to use computer typing and typography. Before the bookstore is our only place to buy books. But now we can arbitrarily in the online search for their books, and online resources than the physical bookstore more comprehensive, information updates more quickly. Except on the one hand, books’ material is not

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