Internship Reflection Essay

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My Reflection: I have been very lucky to complete an internship with Wayne County Bank this summer. It was a rewarding experience and I have gained valuable knowledge that will be beneficial to me as I continue to pursue my career in Finance. Growing up in a small town with a bank that truly serves our community is inspiring. As a high school student, I volunteered to help WCB in any way needed at the Relay for Life or any other activity they hosted. The work day in the Bookkeeping department begins at 8 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. except on Fridays when we close an hour later for customer convenience. First thing in the morning we sort the internal reports that print before we arrive and give them to the employee that will use the…show more content…
These returns are put with a copy of the original item and sent to the mailing address we have on the customer file. They will then be processed with all the other mail to go to the Post Office at the end of the day. Some of our business customers have requested that they receive a fax of the return as soon as it is processed so that they may take the appropriate actions on their end. The biggest part of my job was answering all the customer phone calls. At any point in the day, a customer might call to ask about their account. I answer the phone and assist the customer with anything they need. Customers usually want to know their current balance or if a check has entered their account yet, but sometimes they want to know about the last few transactions so I go over those and give them the information they are requesting. Many of the same customers call frequently so I began recognizing their voices and they started referring to me as “the man in bookkeeping” since the other Bookkeeping employees are women. Personally, I think that knowing the customers and their needs helps to maintain the “home-town banking” that WCB is well known for around our community and the surrounding areas. I enjoy speaking with and assisting our customers, many of them I see and know personally around the town. It is nice to establish these connections
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